Christina Chi
is the founder of CJ Realty (S) Private Limited. She is a well experienced and qualified realtor. She joined the industry in 1989 and practiced in her own company since 1992 covering all aspects of the real estate industry and formed the present Chris-J Property Consultants after she restructured the management team. Her professionalism was well recognized with news featured in Business Times, Singapore Property Guides, etc. Her knowledge, experience and passion also enable her to change the business strategy by focusing in industrial market although she started doing residential market since she first joined the industry.



Chris-J Property Consultants
was set up in year 2006 with the vision to specialize in the industrial sector. The founder, Christina Chi, envisioned that the growth of the industrial market will continue to develop strongly with the relaxation of the rules governing the use of industrial space and further support of the government in providing significant funding to boost the principal activities of SMEs. Also, the lack of qualified and experienced pool of agents needed to serve the industry would enable her to focus in this challenging area. Another most important factor is her passion to serve the business clients during office hours which allows her to balance her lifestyle with family.




Chris-J Property Consultants motto is Honesty, Integrity and Efficiency. The importance of these three combined elements is the solution to a long-term relationship with all our valued clients.


Interviewed and featured in "Asia Pacific Business Alliance: The Singapore Business Stories Magazine”.
March 17, 2009



Chris-J Property Consultants,
Christina Chi, Founder


A Perfect Balance: Career, Family and Lifestyle

Enjoying what we do – not many are blessed with such. But Christina Chi is one of the lucky few. Her passion: To do business with interest and deal with people whom she enjoys working comfortably with. “My goal in life and also in business is to exercise my creativities and strategies to its fullest extent and reap rewards that commensurate with these achievements. In doing so, I would also like to return back to society what I have obtained through the years of achievements.”

Through past experiences, Ms. Chi has learnt not to follow the bandwagon, but rather, to stand out and think of alternative means to address similar complex problems. Such awareness was one of the reasons why she strayed away from being attached to a big organization. Instead, she practiced her real estate business with her own license and to seek satisfaction and fulfillment.

Her years in the property market have taught her a valuable lesson: Patience. She learned to develop a listening ear so as to understand and address her client’s important needs. “Also, I had the opportunity to recognize my own strength and weaknesses where upon I can further develop my key interest in which I could maximize.”

Ms. Chi believes that success is “determined by achievements in career, balanced family and healthy lifestyle.” Thus, besides her business, she values her relationship with her family. “This is most important to me as it would provide me with time to relax and to spend quality time with my husband and children. In achieving a balance between family and business is never easy for any business women, but I have done so in focusing my effort on “dictating” and in so doing, control my regular business working schedules. Thus more time would be available with my family members. In the real estate industry, I have achieved this by focusing my attention on the ever-challenging industrial property market sector instead of concentrating on the residential sector. “

Similar with her agency motto, Ms. Chi wishes to be remembered by her clients as being an “honest, reliable, well experienced and a professional property specialist.” All of which are key ingredients to her achievements. Achievements which include: “Gaining continuous support over so many years from the many valued customers, both locals and foreigners, who have supported me well over these years in referring recurrent businesses to me. Working harmoniously with the many professionals in the same industry through co-broking system commonly practiced in this industry had given me a great opportunity to learn from them and also provide an opportunity for me to keep myself abreast of the market latest development so important for purpose of servicing my customers.”

“In conclusion, I think it is important to realize that whatever we do, passion and focus would be critical tools in determining the extent of our success.

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